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- Paper Lanterns and Nylon Lanterns


Asian paper lanterns and nylon lanterns add a sophisticated look to weddings, corporate events and birthday parties.

Paper lanterns come in various unique shapes and sizes. Take a look at these shapes: square, wavy cylinder, twirl and hexagon. These may be used indoors and outdoors during dry weather.

Nylon lanterns, hardier than paper lanterns, may be left outdoors even during rainy season. Their nylon shells typically last longer than the more delicate traditional paper shells.

Use colored A19 party light bulbs to accent your colored paper lantern. Alternatively, use these bulbs to change the color of a white paper lantern to a lantern with a soft shade of red, green, blue, purple or amber. You may also use S14 sign bulbs as an alternative for lower-wattage lighting (our S14 bulbs are 11 Watts, compared to the 25-Watt A19 bulbs.)

Instructions for setting up paper and nylon lanters:
1. All lanterns comes with an inside wire frame which helps to keep the lantern fully stretched and helps to keep the electrical cord attached to the lantern.
2. You have a choice of using intermediate-base light bulbs or medium-base light bulbs:

 Intermediate-Base Light Bulbs  Medium-Base Light Bulbs
 C9 Bulb (7 Watts, Various Colors)  S11 Bulb (7.5 Watts, Various Colors)
 S11 Bulb (10 Watts, Various Colors)  S14 Bulb (11 Watts, Various Colors)
 S11 Bulb (40 Watts, Clear Only)  A19 Bulb (25 Watts, Various Colors)
 Intermediate-Base Cord  Medium-Base Cord

 C9 Light String (30 ft, 3ft spacing, 10 sockets)

 Lantern Power Cord (12 ft long, 1 socket)
 C9 Light String (30 ft, 2 ft spacing, 15 sockets)  






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- Accessories for Paper Lanterns and Nylon Lanterns
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