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When purchasing white LED lights, make sure you understand the difference between the different shades of white available. If your vendor doesn't understand what you're asking, you should probably purchase your lights elsewhere. Because the bulbs for white LED lights are clear, whatever light your LED chips give off will be what you see. LED chips are tweaked to give off different tones of light.

LED C7 Light Bulb - Sival

A colored LED light (for example, red), will have a red light shining from the inside, and will also be "normalized" because the plastic bulb will also be red. In this case, the red light given off by different red LED lights will be consistent because the colored bulbs will help them remain consistent.

On the other hand, a white LED light does not have such luxury. "White" can mean anything from cool white to pure white to warm white. Ask your vendor which "white" they have. Below is a picture of the difference between "cool white" and "warm white".

The tree on the left is lit with warm white LED bulbs, and the trees on the right are lit with cool white LED bulbs:

Warm White LED and Cool White LED - Sival

Cool white tends to have an almost bluish hue, giving the light a very cold feel. This is more often used for decorations that involve ice, snow and other "cool" tones of white. On the other hand, warm white tends to be similar to the slightly yellowish light given off by an incandescent light bulb. The warm white light is often used to match with or replace incandescent clear minilights or C7/C9 lights.

Most people prefer warm white LED lights, as their light closely resembles the light given off by traditional incamdescent lights.

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